In todays market we understand how important it is to have punctual delivery met with outstanding customer service and are committed to conforming to your requests.


We guarantee each sale with delivery is tailored to your specific needs and we will go out of our way to meet your requirements.


SeaCansRus.com has developed a pre-delivery system with customer satisfaction and safety in mind.


We guarantee after consulting with one of our representatives, there will be no grey areas in our delivery process RIGHT TO THE GROUND.


With proprietary equipment we guarantee efficiency with each delivery, saving time and money.


Speak with one of our representatives today for a free no obligation quote.



SeaCansRus.com wants to equip you with all the knowledge it takes to feel confident about your container delivery/relocation so we created a checklist for your peace of mind.


By following this checklist you will understand what requirements need to be met upon delivery or for the relocation of your container from SeaCansRus.com.


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Delivery / Relocation Checklist


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